UGA Turf Weed Science
Research Services

Developing recommendations for controlling invasive and herbicide-resistant weeds with scientific research at your facility

Customized turf research at your facility

University research provides prescriptive recommendations to end-users. However, there are often limitations to the application of these findings for turf professionals including costs, expectations, off-target injury potential, and resistance to pre- and postemergence herbicides. Customized research and demonstrations can help you monitor and assess the efficacy of new weed control strategies at your facility. Protocols can be adapted to your current management and budgets to create new integrated programs. We will develop protocols, execute experiments, collect and analyze data, prepare reports, and conduct plot tours to discuss the implementation of the findings with your staff.


Greenhouse screening for resistance and species identification

Herbicide resistance is a widespread problem in turfgrass management. Send us plants from your facility and we can confirm resistance through our screening assays in the greenhouse. We can also screen for susceptibility to herbicides with alternative modes of action to help you make informed decisions about planning weed control programs. 

Weed identification is critical before selecting the appropriate control strategies. These plants are often difficult to identify in closely mowed turf and misidentifications can be costly. We can assist by growing these plants in the greenhouse and allowing them to mature in order to facilitate accurate species identification. 


About the Program

UGA Turf Weed Science

The UGA turf weed science program is directed by Dr. Patrick McCullough.  Dr. McCullough is an associate professor in the Crop and Soil Sciences Department on the Griffin Campus.  The research emphasis of the program is resistance management, invasive weed control, and developing integrated strategies for problem weed management in turfgrass.